3 movies and 2 books

A complete week of Hajj holidays has been over and now it is the second week. As Dad too has holidays for one week, he wakes me up every morning in a different way. One day, he shook me awake and sat next to me and kept talking until I forced myself out of bed. Another time, he placed the alarm clock under my bed. It did not wake me up, but instead it woke Mom.

 I watched 3 movies this week- “The Syrian Bride”, “Psycho”, and “Baran”. After watching “Psycho”, I got a bit scared and never moved an inch away from my parents. But that was only for a day.

“Psycho” is a classic 1960 horror-thriller movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It wasn't the plot, but the sudden-scary music that really got me. Seriously. Like ‘Scree! Scree! Scree!’

‘‘The Syrian Bride’’ was full of suspense, mostly like “What’s going to happen? Will she be able to go? Huh? Huh?”

“Baran” is very touching and sad, but it is funny also sometimes.

According to Mom, I am now old enough to watch the type of movies they watch. “Just close your eyes if there are any kissing scenes.”

Actually, in every children’s movie, including animated ones, there are always few kissing scenes.

The latest books I have read are “My Brother, My Sister and I” by Yoko Kawashima Watkins and “The Tulip Touch” by Anne Fine.

The first book is a touching story about the difficult period Yoko Kawashima experienced with her siblings during the World War II in Japan and the latter shows us at the end that even if they are our best friends, we should always try and make them understand when they do something wrong and help them before things get too far.  


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