Breakfast at Buffalo's

Dad took a right turn and I was surprised to see that he was parking the car next to Buffalo's, a southwest café and restaurant. We had never gone there before but it had been on our “List of must-go restaurants.’’ “Why are we stopping here?”I asked Mom as Dad got out of the car. “I thought we were going to have breakfast in IKEA.”

“Um…we are. We just need to buy Dad some shoes from Crocs” came the reply.
Dad returned after some time, and declared the shop was open. We got out and started walking and went inside a restaurant on the other side of the parking lot. That’s when I knew it was a surprise planned for me in the honor of my advance birthday.

We settled down at a table and when the waiter gave us our menus, I noticed that instead of “Buffalos”, the cover page said “Basero”, which left me really confused. When I pointed it out to Dad, we looked out of the window and saw “Buffalo’s” on the other side. That meant we had come to the wrong restaurant!

So, instead of me, it was my parents that got the surprise.

We casually went out of the door, trying not to laugh.

At “Buffalo’s”, we had a heavy breakfast, accompanied with toast and pancakes. It was really yummy!

A great way to start celebrations for birthday next week.


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