OK Google!

This week was very busy.

I bought 3 books from Jarir bookstore- “Diary of a Wimpy Kid- Hard Luck” by Jeff Kinney, “Dork Diaries- Tales from a Not-So-Happy heart breaker.’’ by Rachel Renee Russell, and “Gangsta Granny” by David Walliams.

We weren't actually planning to go to Jarir bookstore. We just decided to go somewhere since we were bored and we thought of it. I jumped on the books the minute I saw them and Dad regretted of even thinking of going to the bookstore. He was also surprised when I finished all 3 books in one day. Go figure.

A Nexus 5 Kit Kat is on its way from America and its destination will be the waiting hands of my father, or, more truthfully, my hands. It is a new version and not yet available in Saudi Arabia.  I said I could always help get rid of his old phone by accepting it as a hand-me-down.    

If you come to my home, don’t be surprised if you hear someone always shouting “Ok Google!” in front of the computer. This is because now there is a new feature in Google Search. You just have to say (or shout) “Ok Google” and say the name or the thing you are searching for and Google will start the search. But it gets confused, or in this case, gives up ‘cause when Mom said ‘’Dunkin Doughnuts”, Google understood it as “Oh My God!”

Parent Teacher Interaction (PTI) was held in our school today.

I spotted many of my classmates and said hello. I and Mom were able to meet only a few teachers since there was line outside almost every class. We met Sandhya Ma’am who is my class teacher and few other teachers.

There was a huge line outside the Hindi teacher’s class. It was like suddenly she had become popular and was signing autographs. 


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