Oh Zeus!

When I got out of the car, the wind had become stronger. It tugged at my shawl, but I held on to it.

Now we can say winter has officially started, for the temperature has dropped.

After reading Percy Jackson books (again), I was ready to blame the Greek god Zeus, lord of the skies. We did not have to wear our uniform tomorrow, instead, we could wear color dress, and the teachers said we did not have to bring any books. It would be really fun. But the sky is now all moody and grumpy and it is making me all grumpy too. There is lightning, thunder and rain. Mom says that maybe I may not be able to go to school tomorrow.

Great. Just great. There are only a few days when we look forward on going to school and tomorrow is going to be one of those days. And then BOOM! Now we can’t.

I wonder how many classmates of mine are coming to school tomorrow.  

Have mercy on us, Zeus. 


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