His Highness Sheikh Mohammed and Dubai 1

After watching fairy tales, we always expect Kings and Queens, Princesses and Princes to have long gowns that sweep the ground, glittering tiaras, crowns studded with jewels, and excessive amount of jewelry. Right?

It may seem like I am lying, but believe me, I am telling the truth.


A King or Queen is a normal person like us, except they are born famous; they rule a country and everyone knows them.

They wear normal clothes just like us, according to their traditions.

My parents, Kunjunni (also known as Rockstar Nara, Detective Nara etc..) Kunji chechi, and Valyamma were also there when we saw him.

We were at Dubai Mall. Dad and Mom were sipping a cappuccino at the coffee shop while the rest of us went at the top of Burj Khalifa.

The view was spectacular. We were “Aaah”ing and “Ooh”ing the whole time -while we waited in our group, in the fastest elevator and at the top. Our ears popped slightly while we were in the lift.

Later, we joined Dad and Mom and all of us went outside. It was almost time for the dancing fountain to start. So we sat on the steps nearby and rested our aching feet since we had started out in the morning.

The first show played and we were all impressed. A few minutes after the first show, a group of men passed us and my dad caught sight of the face the man in the centre. “Haven’t we seen him somewhere?” my Dad said. While Dad continued to scratch his head and tap his chin, my Mom said, “Of course! We just saw the King of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed!” We all looked at him, as he continued to walk on.

Then right on cue, the fountain started again, this time, playing the National Anthem of Dubai. We were stunned.

As we got up and walked away, we saw many people gathering outside the Dubai mall. There it was a gleaming white jeep, outside the mall, with the number plate DUBAI 1.

The place was full of very expensive cars. The car would stop and the owner would toss his key to a driver who worked in the mall. This was called valet parking as I later found out.

Something fell one inch away from my feet. I looked up and was disgusted to see a couple of pigeon butts looking at me. I moved away.

Half an hour later, His Royal Highness walked out of the mall, along with some other men. We all were so happy and astonished. People immediately started to take pictures, so we could always hear random clicks.

His Highness looked at everyone, smiled, waved slightly and got inside his jeep and drove away.

Sadly, my father clicked on the wrong button while he tried to take a photo of His Royal Highness, which he has not figured out till now.  But at least we were able to get a few pictures of the jeep.


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  2. I love Dubai and their expensive cars. Thanks for sharing this informative post


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