A tasty class project

Terrin was flapping her hands like annoying birds were flying around her head.

 “What’s wrong?” I asked.

A lunch box was open. It was Nada’s lunchbox. Nadha was standing nearby, looking amused. Terrin finished eating and exhaled. Her breath smelled like uniyappam.

“Gross!” I said, wrinkling my nose. “Is it just me or is your breath so strong I can smell uniyappams even while standing 5 feet away?”

“So good! But I ate only one.” Terrin said.

“Can’t you wait until it’s time for the party?”

“It’s hard to resist” came the reply.

Terrin, me, Anne and Chandana are best friends. We could hardly wait for the party which was during the 4th period and recess. There were many sweets, veg and non-veg food.

When it was the 4th period, we all immediately started arranging the tables and chairs. We had planned to make it like a buffet, and girls would stand behind the tables serving the food.

I and Anne waited at the door to greet the teachers. We all had divided the food and kept them in the sections they belonged- sweets, veg and non-veg.

When the teachers came, we wished the “Good morning” and pointed and told them about the sections. We all contributed a lot. I and Anne greeted the teachers, Chandana, Terrin and some of the girls reserved seats for them, some gave plates and tissues and the others stood behind the tables of the food to serve them.

All the teachers loved how we greeted them, served them and everything. They were all impressed and left compliments on the board like-

“Excellent food, God bless you all”

“Very nice food served with love.”

“Thank you girls for the lovely party but please do not miss the next computer period.”

“Judging from my size, you can all see how I loved the food.”

The H.M. was there too, and after she had her food, she said “The food was great” … “but the hospitality-” We all held our breath “was even better.” 

After the last teacher went, we exploded into loud cheer.

We ate only after the teachers left. Many things were half finished but there was still a lot of each. 


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