Koshari Express

Last night, for dinner, we had an Egyptian dish. Can you guess which?  (Hint- It starts with “Ko” and ends with “shari” ) Of course! It was koshari!

It consisted of rice, macaroni, noodles, chick peas and lentils topped with small chicken pieces. The noodles were cut into pieces (some people might think this is a weird combination but it is not. )

It was delicious but kind of heavy and was a beautiful combination with a sauce like salsa.

Some of Dad’s colleagues are Egyptians and sometimes they buy koshari , that is how we came to know about it. We had it from a restaurant called “Koshari Express”.

We gobbled all of it up and washed it down with a bottle of ‘Mirinda’.

I remember that 2 years back in 5th grade, one of our teacher’s told us that Pepsi and other fizzy drinks were very harmful for us and they could cut our intestine.

Well, that did the trick. Whenever we had Pepsi, I always gave it the evil eye and refused to drink it.

My parents assured me that nothing was going to happen to me or my intestine and that I would be perfectly safe, because :
  • We drink Pepsi only sometimes
  • We always share one bottle between 3 of us

So, now, I have no fear of fizzy drinks. 


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