Dubai Diary - Day 2

I was still out cold in the morning of our 1st day at Dubai and Mom woke me up at 10 am. Gradually, I knew I had to get up. Hey, I did not remember I was in Dubai that time! 

“Let us order breakfast” Kochakka handed over a menu from “Palm Valley”. I and Mom pondered over the menu for some time. Mom’s suggestion was pepper roast. I was like “Not for me, I rather have a paratha!” Dad wanted idli and Kochakka, dosa. So soon I was gobbling down paratha, Dad was eating idli, Kochakka had dosa and Mom, her pepper roast. 

It went like this for 3 more days. Mom joked that “don’t forget that we are going back to Riyadh and don’t expect all these from me”

It was time to explore Dubai, I was very excited. Kochakka offered me the front seat, it was a real privilege.

We first went for a drive, looking and admiring all the buildings and we were all excited to see the Burj Khalifa. It looked totally glamorous while sparkling in the sun and showing off its smooth, silver color.

 We drove along for a while. Kochakka made a mistake and took another road instead of the road he intended to go.  Suddenly we found ourselves in a beautiful street which looked like one of the streets in Europe, we felt that it was good he made that mistake.  A narrow road, framed with buildings, restaurants and a man-made lake with boats on the sides.  Mom said it was the best mistake ever and we laughed.

Then we went to Jumeira beach and it was so beautiful! I stood in the water and felt the cool water lap.  I enjoyed myself by playing in the water and even tasted it by putting my finger in the water to see how salty it was!

We drove towards The Palm and stood outside Atlantis.

It was time for lunch and our destination was Nando’s.  Mom had a craving for it since we had eaten from Nando’s in London. She even checked the whole map of Riyadh, but unfortunately, there is no Nando’s in Saudi Arabia.  We stuffed ourselves with chicken and peri-peri sauce and waddled out reluctantly. It was THE most awesome food!

Next we headed to Mall of the Emirates, which was in my list of destinations.  Ski Dubai is called “winter in the desert”,   with snow everywhere! You have to wear all the special type of winter clothes which I like to call ‘winter- proof’.  I sat on a sledge and Mom pulled it. It was very funny and we felt like Eskimos.  

I had signed up for interaction with penguins. Mom, Dad and Kochakka waited outside. There were only about 8 people excluding me who went for penguin interaction and half of them were children.  I was called by the trainer to touch the penguins and he instructed the penguin ‘Bubbles’, who climbed a few steps, waddled and stood behind me.

I was again introduced to a pair of penguins, ‘Mona’ and ‘Hadi’. This time I touched them. Their feathers were furry, smooth and oily. I felt very excited. Mona shook her head and burped. When the next three girls touched Hadi they jumped back with a disgusted look on their face. Hadi had done potty!! We rolled around laughing. I had always felt that one had to go to Antarctica just to touch a penguin, but I was wrong!

We had dinner at Kannan Kochachan’s house. Tappu and I played for a while and we planned to watch movie “Life of PI” next day. Tappu and Kannan kochachan decided to take a leave from both school and office. We were all delighted.


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