Yippee!! I met Shiny Ma'am

One of the happiest things that happened to me when I went to India was bumping into my 4th grade class teacher, Shiny ma’am.

Me, Mom, Appupan (grandpa) and Ammuma (grandma) were shopping at Nucleus mall. Appuppan, Ammumma and Mom were packing some vegetables in plastic bags. I was just standing near them when I saw Shiny ma’am. I was astonished to see her and then she noticed me and she looked surprised too.

But wait!!! Before I go on, I better tell you about Shiny ma’am.

Shiny ma’am was our 4th grade class teacher. She was like, the best teacher ever. She was funny and really kind.  Sometimes she would tell us exciting information. When we were in the 5th grade we still talked about her.

Later her husband got transferred and they had to go to South Africa. We all were really sad and upset, including her.

So seeing her at Nucleus was really exciting. I ran towards her and we hugged. Ma’am‘s sister and Mom was also there. My Mom first looks surprised, and then she recognized my teacher. Ma’am said that whenever she heard the song “Country roads”, the song I sang and won 3rd prize in our singing competition, she always thought of me.

It was almost like a teacher-student reunion. After sometime we said bye and went home.
I just have to tell my classmates about this. After all, they loved Shiny ma’am just like me. But I swear no one’s gonna believe me. I can tell you what’s going to happen in a few steps….  

1.     I tell them what happened.
2.    They say that they don’t believe me and that I have gone bonkers.
3.    Then I have to swear, promise, hold my ears and protest that after all, she is from Kerala and can’t she come to her homeland for vacation?

I think that my classmates assume that once a person goes to another place, they never go back to their own country.


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