Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and me :-)

Just yesterday, Varun, his siblings Varsha and Akaash, Gayathri and her sibling Appu and Hari visited us.  We had a clean game of Ludo and Scrabble.

I think Scrabble is a boring game. But my old science teacher loved it. She said it would “greatly improve your brain” and it’s a “lot of fun’’. But I would rather fall out of an aero-plane than play Scrabble. 

The first time I discovered Scrabble is a really boring game was when I signed up to play it each Wednesday at school during activity periods. We could choose 5 activities and we would play 1 activity every Wednesday. But my friends and I made 2 groups and I had to spend 2 hours racking my brain because my friends considered me a “topper” since I got good marks. 

The reason I even took out Scrabble from my cupboard was because at first we didn’t have anything to play and we were desperate. 

The worst thing about being a “topper” is that your friends ask you for a solution for almost everything, even if you have forgotten its answer or how to do it. So don’t ever ask me how Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton got on with their life.

But now my friends will have to consider me as clever because everyone knows I have a blog and they enjoyed it a lot.

Devika’s birthday is next week and she and her folks are celebrating it at a restaurant and I and my parents are invited. I am really looking forward to it. But the sad thing is that while we are having a blast Ammu chechi will be in India studying away for the exams.

The great thing about a restaurant is that all the food is tasty. And sometimes there might be a buffet too.

Next week I have my exams. I am fully prepared and ready to answer any question, anytime, anywhere; but my Mom isn’t so sure J.  

A lot of things have been happening these days and I can consider them as “busy days”. 


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