2 weeks in India

You must be wondering why I did not write for many days. Surprise, I spent two weeks in India. It was lots of fun and I spent most of the days with my cousins.

We attended uncle Prasanth’s marriage with aunt Vani and met all our relatives. There was tasty food and yummy kheer for desert. My cousins were also there, so it was fun. I wore a beautiful green dress and everybody admired it. It was a half-sari half-latcha.

One day we went to Kollam with Kunjunni, Kunji chechi and Madhavan. There was a get-together there.

We also celebrated my parents wedding anniversary at Golden Fork which was attended by all my close relatives and cousins.

When I came back to Riyadh I received a warm welcome from my classmates and teachers. My best friend Lynn looked at me sulkily because she had to sit alone for two weeks and not to mention that she had to go to Malayalam class alone. But she was happy later.

I am feeling sleepy now, expect more from me in the coming days.


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