Movie and lunch at Lokah restaurant

“Janu, we will come and pick you up on Sunday morning’’. I kept my ears glued to the receiver.

Few days after me and mom reached India, Kunjunni and Kunjichechi invited me to spend the day with them. So after they called me, I was dancing around the room.

I would only go, so I knew I was going to enjoy a lot.

This was our plan:

Valyachan and Kunjunni would pick me up. Valyamma and Kunjichechi would not come. (I will tell you why later.) Then we would go over to Madhavan’s, a cousin of Kunjunnni and Kunjichechi’s and take him too and resume our way to Gold Souk mall and watch a movie. Kunji chechi and Valyamma were in the mall to buy tickets for movie “Rise of the planet of the apes”.

I didn’t like the movie, so Kunjichechi let me to put my head on her lap. I just closed my eyes because I was a bit scared. The ending part was much better for me.

After the movie, Malu chechi called to say she had come to the mall. When we all looked down from the second floor we saw her. We then started yelling her name at the top of our voices, making a few people stare at us.

Then all of us went to a restaurant called Lokah. We were all squeezed in the car but it was fun.

The food was great. The bottle of water we got in the hotel finished soon. So Madhavan called to a waiter nearby. ‘’We would like to have a bottle of Bailey please.’’

The waiter looked confused. So Valyachan hurriedly asked for a bottle of water. (The company’s name of water was Bailey). We all had a good laugh afterwards.


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