Trip to Marina mall

We were fooled!

Dad got a message that there would be rain that day. So Mom did not send me to school.  We waited for the rain, but it did not shower. I and Mom regretted that why I did not go to school.

Today is Thomas Alva Edison’s 164th birthday!  He is the one who invented the bulb.

I found in one of my magazines a thing what 2 foolish thieves did in real life. They planned to rob a bank but in such a hurry called the bank they were about to rob and told them that they are going to rob it! The bank manager said OK but quickly called the police. The thieves must have got a nasty surprise!

Alas! Our trip to Marina mall has finished! I was looking fat that day because I had eaten too much. I went on the roller coaster and I loved it! My partners were Lynn and Eeshta.
Our teacher told us to protect our partners. Eeshta and Lynn both wanted to be my partners. So I choose both of them.

Eeshta asked me “whom will you protect?”  
I told “you two protect me, ok?” everybody laughed.

We had to go after 8:30. My parents had given me their phone number written on a piece of paper, so that if there was any emergency I could ask my teacher to call them. After the teacher copied down the number I made a paper plane with it and flew it with my classmates.

I will write the rest tomorrow. Till then, good bye!


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